New Year's Challenge


My sister sent us a text that said,

"I know this may be a lot to ask.. but I'm asking all of the people that are closest to me and I love the most to give me a character trait that I could use some work on.. I know it will come from love.. but be honest with me. I truly believe that the most powerful form of love transforms the weakest parts of you because you are most vulnerable. I don't just want love that makes me comfortable- I want the love that's grows me, strengthens me & evolves me so that I am better for myself, you & ultimately my purpose. "

I thought this was an amazing idea! So I challenge all of my good girls to do the same thing! Send this text to all of your close family and friends, that genuinely know you, and see what they say! This is a perfect new year's resolution, the journey to becoming a better you starts now! It's time to get real, get free, and be GOOD.