Etiquette Quiz

Etiquette Quiz

How Much Do You Really Know?


1.     You’re sitting at a dinner at a restaurant and your phone rings, what do you do?

A.     Check the phone in your lap, tell them you cant talk

B.     Say excuse me answer make sure its not emergency

C.     Your phone shouldn’t even be visible…


Correct answer: C

Your time allotted should be time for your guest… the majority of the time its not an emergency, especially because most of us aren’t mothers so whatever it is can wait.

Quick Tip: Talking on speaker or being on facetime without headphones in public is a huge no-no. No one wants to hear your conversation.


2.     You and gentlemen are approaching a door together, what do you do?

A.     Open the door

B.     Wait for him, politely

Correct answer: B

The problem is sometimes we don’t allow gentlemen to be just that, which is a gentleman



3.     Its your first date, the boy texts you saying, “I’m outside.” What’s your response?

A.     Come outside

B.     Tell him to come to the door

C.     Invite him to come inside

Correct answer: B

I know a lot of us feel like if we don’t know him that well, that he doesn’t need to meeting our parents/guardians, but for safety purposes he doesn’t have to come all the way inside for the “grilling interview process”, but someone close to you needs to be able to recognize his face for emergency purposes


4. If you’re crossing a street (walking) or getting over into another lane (driving), and a car stops for you, what do you do?

A.     Wave thank you

B.     Continue without acknowledgment

C.     Tell the car they can go first

Correct answer: A

Just thank them nicely and keep it moving


5. If your out for brunch and you order pancakes, how do you eat them?

A.     Cut the entire thing at once beforehand

B.     Cut one piece at a time

C.     Don’t cut it at all

Correct answer: B

Proper etiquette states, you should cut one piece at a time.


Now some table etiquette...

6. Which drink is yours the one on the right or left?

A.     Right

B.     Left

Correct answer: B

Quick Tip: Use your utensils from the outside in, and always have your napkin in your lap


7. If you’re on a date with a guy how do you order your food?

A.     Speak very nicely to the waiter and place your order

B.     Take forever and ask the waiter to come back once you figure it out

C.     Tell him what you want, and he orders it

Correct answer: C

Proper etiquette says he should order your food for you since he’s the one paying for it. You tell him nicely what you would like and he places both of your orders at the same time.


Source: Etiquette and Charm Specialist, Letricia Loftin


As a result,

People treat you the way you let them. How are we teaching them to treat us? How are we presenting or carrying ourselves to be treated? First, we have to check ourselves. We need to make sure we are acting like the queens we want to be treated like. For example: You can never say, “thank you” too many times.

We need to realize there’s a difference between being feminine and strong. Allow our men to be the men they desire to be. Sometimes they don’t act like gentlemen, in our eyes, because we don’t allow them to. We are too busy trying to do everything for ourselves, while it’s amazing to be independent, don’t make it hard for him to treat you how you deserve.