How To Get Over Someone Checklist

1.    Find something to consume that new allotted time, something freshly new or an activity you just thoroughly enjoy.

**Adding new things in your schedule makes for new beginnings instead of feeling like a huge part of you just went missing


2.    Rearrange your furniture, change your normal hairstyle something that makes you feel new and refreshed.


3.    Don’t go out looking for an immediate replacement (rebound).

**Now, I also understand you’re going to get bored and lonely…

My friends say to me, “Just be alone.” Which of course is true, learn how to be independent, but at the same time we are human and we have needs and wants. So I say you can absolutely entertain others as long as you do it in a healthy manner.


4.    Give yourself time to “grieve”.

**When women love, we love hard. So just know its okay to not be okay


5.    Surround yourself with amazing company; family and friends preferably that aren’t mutual friends of your ex.


6.    Write it out or talk it out with a friend, therapist or best of them all God.

**We can’t expect humans to always know the answers to our problems, sometimes talking to people only makes you feel worse… so running to God is always the best solution... He already knows what you're going through no need for a backstory


7.    Cut out the lurking on social media!!

** It only makes it harder for you to get over them, and seeing him live his life like nothing happened will only irritate you more


8.    If you are really serious… cut out all communication because honestly what is there to talk about at this point?

**Don’t stay up all night, that’s when you think about them the most


9.    Stand by your decision. The going back and forth helps no one, accept it and move forward.


10.    Never lose yourself.  If anything, pull yourself together even more than you did before.


11.  ****Grind. So you're so bomb it’s clear letting you go was his biggest mistake.***** 

Of course, grind for yourself to be the best "you" there is but its always nice for someone to say to him,  “Sheesh you used to go with her?! You tweaked.”


Then finally, I’ve always been the type that hates to marinate on the problem but what’s the solution?


1.    Learn from the relationship.

2.    Understand what you did wrong and what you did right.

3.    Take away what you wont tolerate in your next relationship and don't ignore the signs God showed you "off rip"

Time heals all wounds. Give yourself time.