New Year's Challenge 2.0

If it’s at all possible, 2017 felt both overwhelming AND underwhelming all at the same time, among many other things. I don’t remember if I set any clear goals for myself at the beginning of 2017, which is probably why my year seemed to lack definition. I usually manage to create one big goal for myself every new year that I’d like to accomplish. I can be really hard on myself at times, because of how passionate I am about my dreams, and I know others may suffer from the same problem. So I’ve decided to create a short list of things that I’d like to keep in mind as I transition into 2018.

Be intentional about your goals.

If seeing things written on paper helps you to tackle them, invest in a planner (Good Girl Diary lol) and begin writing down those goals.

Dreams shouldn’t scare you; they should, however, challenge you to reach your highest potential. Fear is REAL! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve chosen mediocrity over opportunity because I was terrified of what I didn’t know and couldn’t foresee. Don’t let your dreams back you into a corner; face them head on and conquer them.

Remember why you set the goals in the first place.

Although our long-term goals seem to propel us, sometimes the short term work keep us from achieving these goals. Remember why you started. If your goal is to ultimately help people, remember all of the lives that are awaiting your impact once you step into your chosen line of work. Do the small work now so you can live your biggest life later.

Just because you didn’t accomplish your goal doesn’t make you any less of a go-getter, and it definitely doesn’t make you a failure. Everything has its time. Don’t measure yourself by your achievements, or lack thereof. Measure yourself by how well you bounce back and how you use a different method to get to your destination the second, third, fifth and sixth time around even when the first way doesn’t quite work out.

Stay consistent. Big consistency, small the end of the day, it’s still consistency. Do something, big or small, that contributes to your end goal, and give yourself credit for every contribution. Don’t downplay your efforts! Every little bit matters and brings you closer to your desired end.

Happy new year in advance, everyone, and remember to keep your eyes on the prize!