The Dark Doll's Prayer

This is a prayer written by a beautiful soul, Kaci Marie. She's a 19-year blogger and wanted to share her prayer with us for the start of the New Year! Thank you Kaci for your servanthood, obedience, and eagerness to assist other women in our walks with God. Blessings to you! 

"This is a prayer from my heart.  This is a prayer for you and I.  I know, sometimes life gets shaky.  We start to lose ourselves. And with that, we start to lose our relationship with God.  I know it can become hard to pray.  And if you're not ready for this, that's okay. If you are, use this.  Take it as your own.  Recite it daily, even. This is the greatest gift I can give you.  Starting today, meditate.  Give yourself alone time with you, and with God.  Lift your spirit and stimulate your mind.  Watch your life change.


Dear Heavenly Father

Thank You.  Thank You for the seeds You've planted in my life thus far.  Thank You, in advance, for the harvest that I know will come to fruition.  Thank You for morphing me into the woman that I once dreamed of becoming. And thank You for pushing me to better this woman, everyday. Thank You for my struggles and thank You for my triumphs.  You are amazing, God.  I do not deserve You.  God, forgive me for any hurt I've caused You.  Forgive me for any hurt I've caused Your children.  Forgive me for believing the world's opinion of me is higher than Yours.  Forgive me for not seeing the beauty in Your creation.  Now, I see.  Lord, continue to allow me to be a vessel of You.  Allow me to share Your amazing works.  Allow me to help those who don't know You, find You.  Continue to strengthen my relationship with You.  Continue to decrease me, and increase You.  Continue to shine Your light on this scary world.  Protect the people.  Protect MY people.  I ask that You continue to shower down Your blessings on my family and friends, Lord.  And I'd like to thank You, for allowing them to reach these higher levels.  Lord, please remove any guilt or heartache from my body.  Please remove any toxic entities from my life.  Please put me at peace, Lord.  Lord, allow healing in my life.  Allow healing in my loved ones' lives.  Allow healing over the physically and mentally sick.  Lord, pull us closer to You.  Pull us closer together.  Dead all hate and jealousy in the world.  Push us to love and uplift one another.  Lord, take the image of perfection we have away.  Perfection is a disease of the mind.  Reassure us that we are all beautiful and worthy.  Remind us that our mistakes in life do not make us.  Remind us that we CAN move forward.  Allow us to become better in our crafts. Remind us that it is never too late to find You.  Lord, even when I hit my lowest, I will be grateful for You.  I will forever be grateful for You.  I will continue to praise You.  I will not worry.  I will trust in You. I will continue to go where You lead me.  You are the Alpha and the Omega.  Nothing in this life will ever come above You.  I love you.