Good Morning Good Girls!

What do you do when you first wake up? Other than groan at your phone’s alarm and struggle to get out of the bed. What does your mind do when you first wake up? What do you think about? There's something that I do every single morning, a series of questions that I ask myself. These questions wake me up, get me thinking, and they set my mood for the entire day. Incorporating this daily routine into my life, might seem like a tiny ripple, but it has been a very pivotal part of my journey to self acceptance, and self love. I wake up every morning, go to my bathroom, and read these questions aloud. 

What are you grateful for this moment?

 This is an important question to ask yourself each morning. The answer can be as simple as “ I am grateful for waking up this morning”. Taking the time to be appreciative of something you have before your day even starts, kicks off a positive and grateful attitude towards the life that you have. I love to quickly reflect on what I have that others might not. This humbling action is the key to your individual success. Always appreciate what you have before you look into getting what you don’t. There is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself, but you will never be  happy until you love and appreciate what you already have.

How can you make yourself smile right now?

Many times when I ask myself this, I think about the day ahead of me. No matter how long or short the day may be, or what things I have to get accomplished, I like to think of what I can do to make myself happy. One of the best answers, for me, is simply going to my favorite song or playlist and singing my heart out. Enjoying some good music while I get ready for the day, gives me a little kick to get going. Crazy how something so simple can actually brighten your day. 

Is what you’re doing right now benefitting you and worth your time?

Now, this question is a bit different. If you’re still struggling to get out of the bed, then you might not be using your time efficiently. However, sometimes I look deeper into the question and I really think about what I’m doing in life and if I feel like it’s helping me grow positively. For those of you feeling unhappy if you’re stuck with a bad job, relationship, or environment, this could be the realization you need to change it. Noticing that something or someone is not benefiting you and not worth your energy is empowering. It shows you your worth. Sometimes, this simple question might give you the strength to pursue greater things and abandon any dirty laundry you might have, once and for all. 

Those three questions are my go-to "get me up” questions. By taking the time to ask myself these every day, I get a better realization of what I’m grateful for, what makes me happy, and what I feel like is genuinely worth my time. I start to humble myself and appreciate my worth all before the day gets started. Over time, these habits have naturally fallen into place. Repetition is key.  I encourage all of my lovely ladies to use these questions as part of their daily routine, or create your own!