Black Girls ROCKED The Miss USA Pageant

Miss District of Columbia, Miss Georgia, and Miss Virginia all landed a spot in Top 10 and all black women! All represent a different essence of our blackness, but all capture exactly what it means to be a queen.

Miss Georgia: TOP 3! Her genuine spirit and smile radiated the stage. Thank you for showing us we can rock our natural bob cuts and stand apart from the bunch. Thank you for reminding us “Confidently beautiful means knowing who you are, loving yourself for who you are, loving yourself no matter what your flaws are because your flaws are what make you beautiful.”

Miss Virginia: TOP 10! A host noted during the swimsuit competition that Williams had “been the most overall consistent competitor during rehearsals. The other contestants would always stop and watch her whenever she took the stage.” And that’s the Hampton way. Williams serves as director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute, holds a doctorate of physical therapy and bachelor of science and health degree, and currently works as an assistant professor of physical therapy all at Hampton University!! She was crowned Miss Hampton University in 2010. Williams stated during her introduction video,

“If somebody would’ve approached me five years ago and said you’d be in a doctoral program teaching at Hampton University and you’d be competing in Miss USA, at that point in time I couldn’t even dream a dream that big.”

Thank you for being the perfect combination of poised, confident, and sexy & my personal favorite…a true Hampton woman.

Miss District of Columbia: Our newly crowned MISS USA 2016!  An Army Reserve officer and IT analyst tweeted, “Attention: First Lieutenant Deshauna Barber is reporting for duty as #MissUSA 2016.” This melanin goddess graced the stage with such unforgettable confidence and discipline, never letting us forget for a second who she was and who she served, “As a woman in the United States Army….’ We are beyond proud that our Miss USA is a black HBCU graduate from DC, with an “unconventional” name.

Lastly, I can’t forget to highlight my favorite moment of the night… Which was the special congratulations Miss Virginia gave to the former Miss DC. It was the definition of how women should always support and congratulate each other, genuinely. #blackgirlmagic at its fullest potential.