1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

To be a good girl to me means to always go over and beyond to stay true to yourself. By "over and beyond" I mean going out of your way in trying situations. Whether it's by taking leader's initiative when you shouldn't have to, putting your pride aside when you don't want to, and/ or being bigger person when it's unfair to. By "yourself" I  mean your morals, your goals, your future- your bigger picture.

2. We noticed you changed your title on instagram to artist. What kind of artist would you describe yourself as?

I would describe myself as a M.T.B. artist. Meaning "meant to be" artist. I feel like some people just up and decide, "Lemme try this music stuff out." While others, like me, were born to do this. I dibble and dabble in every arena of art- painting/ drawing, dancing, singing, rapping, acting.. I am the true definition of a creative.

3. Spit 4 barz for the good girls one time.

Although I have soooooo many fire bars, these 4 are super cool to me because they sum me up in 4 lines.

"I take a pic anywhere that sh*t look like an editorial,

I am that b*tch by nature this ain't come wit no tutorial,

I met your man one time and took him wit me like a portable,

I never rap no dumb sh*t... every.. single... line.. is quoteable."

4. We know your mother is a minister and you seem to have a very close relationship. How does she feel about your “risky” raps?

She loves it. She loves it so much. Nah, just kidding, but she loves me. She loves me so much. Therefore, whatever it is that I love- she makes it her priority to love it, too. We are super close like you stated, so when I started writing raps with cursing I used to think about her like, "Man, I can't record this... my mom will hate it." Until one day I realized that's the type of music I enjoy writing. so I asked her how she felt about it. I told her I would began cursing in my raps, because I believe cursing adds emphasis on emotions, and what kind of rapper would I be to not emphasize what I'm feeling?! That was her warning to brace herself. She's most iffy about me putting up my middle finger out of all things, she hates that the most... she hates it so much. Still to this day I write lyrics and I'm like, "I'm gonna save this for later... I gotta give Mom more time." Honestly, I didn't send her "FaceTime Remix" before I put it out because some of the lines were a tad scandalous, haha. I normally just hope she doesn't catch some lines, but she's a stellar listener.  Anywho, she loved the song. She even played it for my grandmother.

5. You’re extremely stylish. You wear red carpet outfits to the mall. What’s your response to people who question your religion because of the way you dress?

My sense of style is a gift, it's a talent. I don't dress with the intention of receiving lusty attention from men or to appear more available/ more frisky then other woman. Let's throw that out there first. I dress for me. I am a creative with every fiber inside of my body, so why would I not get creative with how I portray myself on the outside? Everyone can't piece together clothes. People make livings off of dressing other people... and you think I'm about to believe that skill isn't a blessing? You think I'm about to take the credit for thinking of these dope... butt... looks??? Uh... no.... only a man as powerful as the Lord himself could help me assemble the looks I have in mind. If anything...... my outfits have His name written all over them! He blessed people with the resources to create the fabrics for the items. He blessed the designers with the idea and gift to create the items. He blessed me with the funds and confidence to wear the items. He loves it!!

6. Describe yourself in a song.

"It seems my dreams won't go away, so it's more like a nightmare- keeping me up all night- like a nightmare- its taking over my mind. My desire burns inside like a flame, and it can't and it won't be contained. I gotta be.... famous."

"Famous"- Jazmine Sullivan

7. What’s it with you and this obession with orange.

"With orange as your favorite color, you are warm, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant. You are friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person. Orange people are the life of the party, the uninhibited performer! You get great satisfaction from helping others and they find you inspiring with your vitality and positive energy." Okay, to be honest, I was wondering the same thing. I really wasn't sure why I loved orange so much and why it made me so happy to see, so I did research and studied color psychology. What I found was so cool because it was super relevant and orange applied to me accurately. I love stuff like this, hence why I love astrology so much, but I would suggest everyone take a read up on what their favorite color says about them. It made me love orange even more!!!


8. How do you remain a good girl (despite all the attacks thrown on your character and even though people try you daily)?

The Lord, my mother, and my future. If it wasn't for them three...... whew.... I would react to situations so differently. I just have to compare what I have to lose versus what I would gain from responding the way I initially would like to. Like yeah this girl is trying me like a lame and I could easily hurt her feelings and her... period, but what am I realllyyy going to get from that? That's not how a good girl at heart wants to be portrayed at the end of the day, the feeling of regret would overpower the feeling of revenge. Also, repercussions from responding negatively to negativity are often severe. I often have to keep in mind "to whom much is given, much is required." Anyone who knows me can fend for me saying I come across the most odd people with the most odd intentions. but I know it's all preparation for the game I asked God to place me in. I always call my mother when someone has me f*cked up, so she can calm me down and spit a quick word to me about how this situation relays back to what I just told her I asked God for the other day. You can't let these lames win, they are trying to throw you off course... you can't give them what they want.  

9. We know youre super into zodiac compatibility. Are you the type to not even start a romantic relationship based on their sign? What do you want your man’s sign to be?

 Oh my gosh yes!!!! I am totally the type to not start a relationship with someone over their sign, but only Capricorns and Taurus. I want my men to be either Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, or Sagittarius. I need my husband to be an Aquarius.

10. Okay so we know you have a lot of tattoos which one is your favorite?


Girllllllllll, I do not even have a lot of tattoos! I only have 6, so far. However, my favorite tat is my "B3" behind my ear. I do.. not.. play.. about my sisters.

11. You seem to have a close knit relationship with your sisters. Give us the real on “B3” in a slight little superlative game. Who’s the most childish? Who’s the nicest? Who’s the sticular on rules?

Oh wow, hello, speaking of my ladies- Most childish: hands down, Add to dictionary, Brianna Jonae'. Wow... you all have no idea. She is child-ish. Nicest: Definitely me, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the one answering. Most stickler on rules: Brooklyne Lame Baker. She cracks me up with her rule following because I pay rules 0 mind. That girl does not have time for any foolery, she is one to go by the book. That's right girl.

12. Is there something we should we looking out for in terms of music?

YES!!!!! I'm dropping a mixtape on August 28th. I dropped a single on August 8th, and I'm actually trying to drop two songs on August 18th. Everything involves 8 because I learned 8 is the biblical number of new beginnings, a new order or creation, which is what this is for me. Anywho, yes.. yes.. yes.. look out for my mixtape! It's fire. Forreal.

13. Tell us about your Sexual Assault Platform and what inspired you to write your article....

One of my close friends came to me the morning after she was taken advantage of and it was immediately laid on my spirit to write an article. I couldn't continue to hear these stories and not do anything about it. I think about others experiencing it so often. I've been there myself and I felt like I had the words. I started typing the article in my notes while she was telling me her story... I couldn't wait. It was difficult for me to get the article done and still to this day when people I'm close with bring it up I get a tad uncomfortable. Then a feeling of victory takes over me because it's a reminder of where I am emotionally now compared to where I was then. I plan to do a lot more with Sexual Assault in the future. It's definitely a platform I hold dear to me. Here's the article below-


14. Any message you have for the good girls out there reading this...

A message I have for the good girls reading this right now is to... RECLAIM. Reclaim your time from the devil, from these niggas that don't deserve you, from friends that don't deserve you, and from jobs that don't deserve you. Reclaim your energy from havoc, from stress, from uneasiness, from negativity, from self- doubt, from jealousy, and from hatred. Reclaim your health from letting your insecurities overpower your confidence, from undermining your worth and letting people take advantage, from stressing yourself trying to prove yourself to others, from allowing others to take you to a dark place mentally, from allowing others opinions to lead you to altering yourself physically, and from all things that aren't good for the mind and soul... for stress leads to bad health. Reclaim your time, energy, and health... put it all in your hands. It is your life, you only have one, and you must live it for you.

Romans 12:2- "Do NOT be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing... you may discern what is the will of God, what is GOOD, and acceptable and perfect."

Colossians 4:5-6- "Walk in wisdom towards outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned w/ salt, so that you know how to answer each person."