1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

To me, a “good girl” is the girl who is constantly fighting, learning, and growing to be the best version of herself. A good girl is unapologetically confident and true to her morals/beliefs. She is unstoppable and unbreakable because she is in her own lane designing a life she loves.

2. What sparked your interest into beauty products?

Prior to wearing my natural hair, I chemically treated my hair with the “creamy crack” known as a “relaxer” or perm. By definition, a hair relaxer is a cream that makes the hair easier to straighten and manage. It reduces the natural curl pattern by breaking down the hair strand and permanently altering the texture. I began getting relaxers and flat ironing my hair at a very young age. Because of this, my chemically altered straight hair was all I knew. In 2012, I experienced the highest amount of frustration with my hair because it was very short, unruly, and noticeably unhealthy. The perms would constantly break my hair off and it would always look uneven. Like most teenage girls, my hair was one of my strongest insecurities. I randomly started watching YouTube videos about natural hair and women transitioning their hair to natural. I’d constantly wonder what my real hair texture was like and for months I contemplated terminating the use of relaxers on my hair. It wasn’t long until I chopped off all of my damaged, processed hair and began a new life in which I embraced my hair in its natural state. As my love for natural hair care began to grow, I started becoming more interested in learning about body, skin care, and makeup as well.


3. How are you so knowledgeable about all things beauty?

Beauty/cosmetics has honestly become a huge passion of mine. It really excites me learning about new ways to care for different types natural hair, skin, and staying up to date with the latest beauty trends. Because it is something I whole-heartily enjoy doing, it’s almost effortless for me to keep learning more about it. One quote that my dad told me that I will never forget is “When you find your passion, never settle for being anything less than the best at it

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4. How do you feel about a woman taking out a man for Valentine’s day?

Love and appreciation should always be reciprocated. Relationships aren’t my expertise but if I were in on, I would find it important to show my significant other that I can provide for him the same way he -should be- providing for me. I think it’s a cool concept to switch it up every now and then, since typically the man is expected to treat the woman. It is something that I would do personally just for the fun of reversing the roles. I love to plan things for the people I love so I’d probably be extra and do the most for him!

5. With being single, what are your plans for the day of love?

I’ve been single for some time now, and Valentine’s Day has never been a sad or sappy day for me and… I will never let it! I am actually going out with my roommate, Kearhra, who is also single. We plan to spend the day pampering ourselves, getting really cute (as if it was a real valentines day date!) and going out to eat. We made reservations for 2 at “Prime Italian” in Miami Beach. I will be vlogging the entire day, so you should definitely check it out when I post it on my channel! Even if you’re single, you don’t HAVE to be in the house alone for “love day”. Show yourself and the ones you care about some love as well. #TreatYoSelf!

6. Describe yourself in a song.

The first song that came to mind was “Run The World” by Beyoncé.

Not only is it a representation of me and my passion to lead, but also the entire empire I’m trying to build with the amazing girls who follow me. When it comes to natural hair and beauty; they both come in so many shapes, sizes and forms. One of the many things I want girls to get out of the content I produce is to stay inspired. Women are strong as independents but when we uplift each other and stand together dependently we really do “run this...”. I want them to understand that anything you put your mind to (even the smallest of things like clearing acne or transitioning to natural hair) are possible. As women, god gives us the strength to achieve anything naturally. You just have to want it for yourself. Inspiration, collaboration, and focus are key.

 7. How did you start a successful YouTube channel?

YouTube can be a tricky thing to get into. Some people start channels and become successful overnight because they are already famous or have a lot of followings on other social media platforms. I was not one of those people, and it’s ok to start from the ground up. I started my YouTube in the summer of 2014 with the few followers I had from a previous channel I had with two of my friends called “True Sage”. Once we stopped doing that together, I decided to peruse my own channel. I used (and still use) Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram to attract people to my channel. I constantly post pictures of my hair, tips, and advice. It is something you really need to be passionate about to grow because it takes a lot of persistence, consistency, and creativity.

8. Tell us about your "Empowering Natural Hair" video...

The empowering the beauty of natural hair video was actually a project for my Artistic Expressions class. The purpose of the assignment was for us to experience art as a way to engage people in a public way in order to make a positive difference about an issue of global concern. As an African American girl with naturally kinky hair, it took me a very long time to be able to accept my very “different” curl pattern because in society, is not something that is generally publicized a “beautiful”.  I think that a lot of young girls are afraid to wear their natural hair because they fear that society will judge them. For me, all it took was some influence and motivation from other women who love their natural hair and wear it with confidence to truly begin to see the beauty in mine. Because of my social media platform, a lot of girls look up to me for natural hair advice. With creative and technical ability, I used my passion for both natural hair and film to create the video addressing the problems society has with natural hair acceptance and showcasing girls who wear their natural hair with confidence. Like I mentioned earlier, the one thing that helped me to become comfortable in my hair is the influence of others. I think that the video could potentially have the same domino effect on other women.

9. How many Tattoos do you have & what are the meanings behind some of your favorites?

 Because I have such an artistic mind, tattoos are a visual way for me to express many of the things I stand by in my life. I currently have 9 (with more on the way), and every single one of my tattoos have a meaning or symbolize something important to me. My very first tattoo on my shoulder is written in Arabic and says “she believed she could, so she did”. Previously, I used to have trouble motivating myself to be fearless and to go after what I wanted. There are many blessings I may have blocked because I would tell myself that I wasn’t good enough or didn’t have the skill to achieve what was being asked of me. I’ve grown out of that stage tremendously. I recognize fear, and acknowledge the feeling when I have it, but no longer let that stop me from going after something I want.  Believing in myself puts my head further in the game and gives me the drive to make things happen.

10. What’s your stance on the PWI vs. HBCU debate?

Well, I attend Florida International University which is located in Miami, Florida. Many people assume that because a school is not a HBCU, it is automatically considered a PWI. Attending FIU has shown me how untrue that is. My school is actually considered a predominately Hispanic institution- which is something I didn’t even know existed. However, demographically on campus, it is extremely diverse and there are somewhat of an equal amount of all races- which is something I love and cherish personally. It has opened me up to lots of new people with interesting cultures. I am certain that historically black colleges offer an experience to young black adults that you will not get at any other type of school. Howard University was actually my second choice when deciding what school to attend, and I still love everything about it. I think historically black colleges are an amazing and extensive training ground for some of our most influential black leaders and beautiful pieces of history that deserve to be preserved. I respect these schools and everything they stand for; as many of my amazing/intelligent friends attend such schools and cherish their experiences as well. I also believe selecting a college is an extremely personal process, and no one should ever be looked down on for choosing to go either route. College is also ultimately what you make of it, and you can achieve anything you want to achieve regardless of which type of school you decide to attend.

11. Can you share some of your favorite beauty tips?

 I always get questions about my even/clear skin, so I’ll give my best advice for achieving it. If you are experiencing marks or pigmentation from acne, you need to exfoliate the skin. This will be the most effective way to get rid of them (although it will not happen overnight). Try using a facial scrub once a week or buying exfoliating brush for daily cleansing. I currently use the” Foreo Luna Face Brush” and it really helps to gently cleanse the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It’s pretty expensive, so another great alterative is the “Spin For Perfect Skin” facial brush. I actually have a personal coupon code for it if you’d like to check it out and purchase it for 70% off (http://vpwow.com/purelykaice). A lot of people don’t know this, but dark marks actually form on the second layer of the skin, not on top like acne. Therefore, you have to get rid of that dirty top layer in order to reach the mark to start clearing it. That’s why exfoliating is so important. 100% aloe vera gel is also very good for clearing dark marks and preventing future acne. You can buy it are your local Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, or Trader Joes.

12. Where do you see your brand in five years from now?

 I don’t have any specific goals when it comes to my YouTube, but I definitely plan to use it to build my personal brand which will help me accomplish bigger goals. My ultimate dream is to open my own natural hair salon. I don’t want to spill too much tea on it. I am actively brainstorming and coming up with concepts for it that will be unlike any salon open today- so I am somewhat to myself about it so my ideas aren’t taken. I am also working on another huge beauty social media concept with a friend that will most likely launch later this year! Overall, I just want to keep expanding my own creative ideas allowing one thing to lead to another.

 13. Why do you think its important or why do you enjoy giving beauty tips?

To me, the beauty world is deeper than the products we apply or the way we wear our hair. I want my viewers to wear the hairstyles and/or makeup they like because its what THEY like- not because of a social media trend or for the opinion of others. I love to give girls any advice, tools, skills, or products they need feel their best and confident in themselves unapologetically. Beauty can be seen from all different perspectives but the aesthetic you give off to the world will be a reflection of how you radiate the beauty you know you have in yourself.

Thank you for picking me to be your February "Good Girl" of the month!! I hope everyone who read continues to stay up to date with this blog because it truly signifies a much needed movement. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on my social media to keep up with me as well!
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