1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

A good girl is someone who is smart but polite. She is attractive, daring, and has morals. A good girl is someone who has a high level of self-respect for herself and others. A good girl is not easily influenced by society. A good girl is a girl who is confidently beautiful in her own skin.

2. How was the process of becoming Miss Georgia Teen USA? And tell us about your experience serving as Miss Georgia Teen USA.

My process as Miss Georgia Teen USA was not an easy one, but it was well worth it. As Miss Georgia Teen USA 2014, I experienced growth in myself and my surroundings.  I grew out of my teeny-bop stage and transitioned into a young lady. I am still proud of my transition. As Miss Georgia Teen USA, I was seen as my title, and I wanted to make sure I was also seen as Noelle Hughley. A personal goal to myself was to make the crown and not let the crown make me. Though the public viewed me as a princess and queen, I always remained true to myself. Being Miss Georgia Teen USA was a wonderful experience, one that I will cherish FOREVER! I was able to serve as mentor and role model to children, adolescents, and teenagers. I shared helpful advice on ways to deal with everyday life obstacles, friends, self- love, growth (“Change is good”), and the dangers of hazing & bullying in our schools and communities.

3. What is your platform and why is it important to you?

My platform as Miss Georgia Teen USA was to raise awareness of the dangers of hazing & bullying in schools and communities. This platform is very important to me because I was ostracized by my high school dance team and marching band. This stirred from a disagreement between my mom and the dance coach. I would NEVER wish that kind of mistreatment on anyone, not even my worst enemy. It was a tough time for me. It was tough to understand that girls and people I’ve known for years could turn their backs on me because of the coach’s power over others.

4. Are you a true Capricorn?

Yes, I am a true Capricorn. I am all of the good qualities in a Capricorn. (I'll be 21 in 3 days!)

5. Describe yourself in a song.

I am the song “Bad & Boujee” by Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert

6. You have such a fun personality dressing up as Young M.A for Halloween! What made you choose that costume?

I chose to dress up as Young M.A. because it was cheap. LOL. The costume did not require me to spend any money. Around Halloween was when Young M.A. reached stardom, and her song “Ooouu” was playing everywhere. I love that song because of its self-explanatory lyrics. It tells how to deal with haters, just shake them haters off.

6. Do you think it's important to post your significant other on social media?

To post your significant other on social media is a personal decision. A couple’s identity should not be based on how they post each other on social media or likes. I have seen the good and bad of couples posting one another on social media, my observations have caused me to leave it up to the couple. It is more important to have a significant other that is monogamous, trustworthy, intelligent, attractive, and loyal. Personally, I am someone who likes PDA.

8. What's your take on women who wear weave and lashes being labeled "fake"?

My take on women who wear weaves and lashes being labeled “fake”, to whoever is concerned, should shut up, take a deep breath, and go back to minding their own business. When did it become okay for someone to dictate to others on the laws of how to feel beautiful in their own skin by labeling others as “fake” and “natural”? If we were to judge and label everyone who wears a weave and lashes, then we would have a lot of fake people in this world. I am someone that is all for embracing how beautiful someone feels. As long the person feels amazing, then the products used to make them feel stunning should not be used against them.

9. What are some of your goals for the new year?

Some of my goals for 2017 are:

·       Remain calm and trust God at ALL times, no matter what obstacles I face

·       Develop the best positive mindset

·       Master the skill of managing my time better

·       Become more organized with school, personal, and sorority life

·       Get awarded more scholarships

·       Grow more spiritually and develop an even closer bond with God

·       Give all my friends a nice gift for their birthdays

·       Get all A’s and B’s in my classes

·       Have an overflow of wealth and prosperity

·       Be awarded my dream internship

Thanks for reading “The Best Good Girl of the Month” column of your life! I hope you enjoyed!

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