1. What do you think it means to be a good girl? 

 I believe a good girl is one who is defined by the content of her character, not her mistakes. She’s unique. She’s fighting through her own adversities, making some mistakes along the way, but always abounding in grace. She’s good even when she feels the weight of her insecurities and past on her shoulders. The tale of the good girl is the greatest story ever told… her story is your story.

2. Biggest lesson you’ve learned in college?

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is how to bounce back (I’m from Detroit so I had to put Big Sean somewhere in this interview lol). Previous to arriving on our college campuses, many of us were the top of our class, involved in several extra-curricular activities, and very well regarded by community. When you arrive you realize that everyone on that campus was too and sometimes that can make it feel like survival of the fittest, as if we’re all in competition. We then begin putting so much pressure on ourselves to prove that we’re still number one, that we still have what it takes to leave that same success story on our campuses. But when we get that first or second ‘no’ it can be devastating. I had to learn that how to take the no’s that I received from opportunities I dreamed of and bounce back. Not bounce back as if nothing ever happened, but bounce back with a renewed sense of confidence and awareness of what I could do better. It’s an evolving process so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t fully grasp that concept freshman year. You will end up EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be.


3. You have such a close-knit friend circle and you all act just alike, how did y'all become friends and stay close friends so long?

It’s funny that you say that because we all think we’re so different. Most of us met through Hampton University’s Honors Visitation Weekend in 2013. I had no idea that I would meet my lifetime friends. Friendship absolutely has its ups and downs and we’re by no means a perfect friend group.  I believe we’ve been able to stay friends because each year we learn more about the best way to communicate, love, and support each person. I learned that the way I support Marnie and Maya is different from the way I support Daijah, Lex, and Kayla. The conversations I have with Casey may be different than the chats I have with Ashleigh. We also do so much together from wine nights to worshipping together to having study/Being Mary Jane nights, we have a bomb balance that allows us to have fun being scholars first.


4. Explain the power of LinkedIn and having your resume together

Let’s start with this, the power of LinkedIn lies in how you use it. LinkedIn should be a place where not only put your accomplishments (ie your resume) but also a place where you find your passions. LinkedIn’s specialty is connectivity. Connection goes beyond creating a profile, but really utilizing LinkedIn to connect with professionals and students in your field. Don’t just ‘connect’ with them, but put take the risk of messaging them to learn more about their background. You never know, you may land a mentor or your dream job!

5. What is Resourceful Reese, and why is it your platform?

Resourceful Reese is a company that helps high school and college students prepare for the next season of their careers. I help students through professional and personal branding, college preparation, and motivational speaking. Being a part of getting students from where they are to where they want to be has been a passion of mine for years. I love seeing people thrive and light up when they find their dream opportunity, I want to be able to do that for as many people as I can. 

6. I know you’re extremely humble, but so the people know who they are talking to, may you state a few staples on your resume sis

            I adore you, hope you know that Brooklyne lol! I landed an internship in Investment Banking at a top firm as a marketing major. I didn’t know a thing about finance but I was able to learn a great deal and jumpstart my career. I started my first mentoring program at 15 and my first organization, Pretty Virtuous Young Ladies (PVYL) when I was 16. And then I was super blessed to have my first conference ‘Worth the Wait’ when I was 17. I’ve been able to bring Fortune 500 companies to our campus and attend amazing conferences to enhance my skill set. While to some this may be seeing as bragging, really I’m just an incredibly blessed girl who decided to trust God and go for it.

7.  Describe yourself in a song

Moves – Big Sean

8. Okay get us right for internship season, what are the necessary steps we should be taking to be ready? (take notes ladies)


1. Think about what industries interest you

2. Look up companies in that industry

3. Make sure your resume is tight (contact me if you need revisions)

4. Find 3 references that will speak to your character if called

5. Make sure if a company or your references look at your LinkedIn, they would feel comfortable and confident with hiring you!


7. Remain hopeful. Don’t talk yourself out of it.

8. Land your dream career!

9. What’s your advice to someone who doesn’t have much on their resume, or feels inferior about applying to places, because doesn’t feel like they enough experience or high enough GPA?

First, YOU ARE ENOUGH. If you have an interest in a particular industry start looking at conferences or diversity summits that can get you in the door and land you an interview. You can even start my connecting with those in your field on LinkedIn and sending a quick message to learn more about their background and any advice they may have as you move forward in the process. Learn how to tell and optimize your story. You may have had a really hard freshman and sophomore year because your parent got sick or had a death in the family - learn how to tell that story in a way that shows your ‘bounce back’ and grit. But most of all… apply, apply, apply! I’ve received opportunities that I know I wasn’t qualified nor credentialed for all because I took the risk of applying. Don’t get discouraged if you get a few no’s. Your ‘yes’ is on the other side of you trying.

10. I know you’re an only child, and all you have is your mom… How was the journey while she was battling breast cancer? How did you two get through?

I am, my mom and I are best friends and pretty much the same person. With that being said being away from her during her second battle with breast cancer was one of the hardest things I had to do. While most people believe that I’m strong, the truth is I cried myself to sleep most nights praying that she would be okay. Praying that God would wrap His arms around her while I could not and that He would bring healing to her body and spirit. What blessed me the most is her strength. I planned on staying home for a semester but she never entertained the thought. She made me come back to Hampton, made me take my summer internship in another city, and NEVER once complained. She was in constant pain and never allowed anything but words of love, affirmation, and peace to come off her tongue. While it was tough, God is truly a healer and He fulfills all of His promises. She’s cancer free and starting to live her absolute best life :).


11. How do you feel about relocating to Chicago and having the opportunity to work for LinkedIn after college?

I’m so excited!! Never in a million years did I think I would land an opportunity at LinkedIn. I doubted myself to a point where I almost didn’t apply because I was fearful of getting another ‘no’.  I’m so excited and grateful to start work for a company that is aligned with my mission and values. Connecting people with opportunities that will advance their career and personal life is my passion and to have the opportunity to do that on a daily basis is a dream come true. Chicago is a booming city with tons to do and a great melting pot. I’m excited about being a closer to home for a little while too!

12. Is there anything you want to leave with the good girls?

I know it may be hard to see now, but it’s all going to work out. Everyone won’t believe in your dream, heck, sometimes you won’t for yourself. You may not always get it right, but you will grow. I know there may be times where you feel like you’re losing yourself, but I can promise you that it is only a time to help you find your best self. You’re not coined a good girl by accident, you have a purpose here. If you quit, how many other people that are connected to that purpose will too? His plans for you are bigger than your wildest dreams and I dare you to trust Him enough to go for them!

Thank you all so much for reading! As a fellow good girl, I love reading these and I hope you’ve gained something from it. If you want to launch your dream career and need help with your resume, LinkedIn, or even trying to find what career is for you – visit resourcefulreese.com today! And don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram @ResourcefulReese and Twitter @LadyAmbitious_! Can’t wait to see you shine girlie!