1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

A good girl is a girl who shines from within. She is selfless yet she stands firm in what she deserves. She is confident in who she was created to be. A good girl finds joy in helping others but also takes time to care for herself. She strives to be the example and guide others to find their light inside. A good girl loves herself unconditionally, flaws and all. 

2. Why did you major in Psychology?

I genuinely just enjoy learning the why and the how when it comes to people. I love people, I’m an extrovert so I get my energy by engaging with others. This alone sparked by interest but as I got deep into my major, that’s when I realized why. I majored in Psychology to become an expert on people. I want to work in an industry full of different personalities, behaviors, and temperaments. What better way to have a one-up on than the next guy than to be an expert in people? People are everywhere and we make us this world. Psychology is everywhere and in everything. I’m a strong advocate for mental health and I plan to keep the conversation going about mental health through my platform as a filmmaker 

3. How did you get into filmmaking? 

I’ve ALWAYS been that friend; you know...THAT friend who always has a question during the movie. I constantly critiqued, complained, praised, and created alternative endings for most films I watched. I appreciate the art in film and the creative intelligence it takes as a director to bring a script to life. Last summer I literally couldn’t compress my passion any longer so I flew out to LA for an internship and fell in love with the industry. Some call me crazy for it but I prolonged my tenure at Hampton to pursue a minor in Film Studies. With the help of my family, friends and professors, I produced and directed my first film and now I’m addicted. 

4. Tell us about your documentary...


It’s still weird to me that I have a documentary lol. Bent, not Broken is a short semi-autobiographical documentary on the good, the bad, and the truth about single family dynamics. By the time I was 3 my parents had already divorced and ever since then my life was full of inconsistency and confusion. I always felt like I was alone and no one could understand. I started to meet people who had similar stories and we were able to bond and help each other through the process of growing pains. Fast forward, my professor presented me with the opportunity to produce my own documentary on a topic of my choice and I chose single family dynamics because of how many people I knew I could relate to. To know that someone out there is going through what I’ve grown through was motivation to make it happen. 

5. Describe yourself in a song

Ooooh...This was hard but I’m going to say Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. I’m really protective over my heart, as well as my family and friends. I love hard and my loved ones know I’ll be down for whatever, whenever, wherever. 

6. How would you describe your love-life and what's the greatest lesson it has taught you?

At the moment, my love life is...pending. Haha! I go on a couple of dates here and there but I’m overall enjoying the single life. I only do what makes me happy and I don’t settle for less than that. I’ve learned so much from relationships, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that time waits for no one. Love while you can, be with who gives you butterflies and take that risk you’ve been contemplating. I learned to enjoy things in the moment because nothing lasts forever. 

7. In today's society it seems like a lot of people are out for “self” how you do remain humble and genuine?

Honestly, I do what I do not for me but for my family and my future family. I don’t have time to be absorbed in myself because there are people depending on me. My mother is the most humble and genuine person I know and everything she does she does it for us. It gives me joy and satisfaction to be there for others. 

8. How do you overcome obstacles?

With a positive mindset and a prayer. Majoring in psychology has taught me that perception is reality. How you choose to view your struggles has a huge impact on how you deal with them. You can’t let your circumstances outweigh your faith. 

9. How did your faith in God become so strong?

I having a huge family of mostly women, and these are praying women. It was instilled in me at a young age to have unwavering faith in God when nothing else made sense. “Pray about it!” “Well, did you pray?” “If you’re going to pray, don’t worry. If you’re going to worry, don’t pray.” When I start to complain about whatever I’m going through at the time, I think about those things and I let God handle what I can’t. He’s changed my life around and for that I’m forever gracious and faithful. 

10. Tell us about your cleanse...

My cleanse was hot turkey. I knew I strayed from my faith walk and that I had to make a change for sure. It didn’t take me long to realize that in order to change, I had to start with my daily routine. So, I abandoned a lot of negative habits until it became a lifestyle. 

11. In college its said that students don’t go to church as often as when are they are home, do you value a church home?

I recently found my new church home and I couldn’t be happier with it. I do think that having a church home helps you focus and remain grounded in your faith. Although I think having a church home is important, I think it’s even more important to develop that intimate one-on-one relationship with God that church can’t give you. 

12. After all you've experienced in life what would you tell your younger self?

I would tell her to stop crying. (I was an OD cry baby) But seriously, I would wipe her tears and tell her that God’s plan will ALWAYS prevail. She needs to know that she is worrying way too much. I’d hug her and say that she will turn out to be a fearless shero...and I’d also tell her to put the creamy crack down! 

13. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment to date would have to be declaring a minor in Cinema Studies my senior year in college. It sounds trivial but just let me explain. I had this bad habit of doubting myself so much that I talked myself out of so many different opportunities. I didn’t think I could be a filmmaker, I didn’t think I could fly to L.A. and work under award winning professionals, I definitely didn’t think I could produce a film, but I did. All because I had the courage to chase my dreams. If I would have worried about what people thought or if I would have listened to the negativity, then I wouldn’t be walking in my purpose today. I take pride in doing what other are afraid to do, going after what they want...at all costs. 

14. What are some of your short and long term goals?

In the next few years I plan to have 2 degrees, living in Atlanta, while working for a production company. I see my non-profit flourishing as well as my love life, hair, and skin. Long term, I want to be a wife and a mother. I’ll have my own production studio with a God-fearing husband by my side and healthy ambitious children. 

Here's a clip of my documentary, hope you enjoy it! Thank you for making me your Good Girl of the Month. 

Website: www.sheroproductions.com

IG: kenleymduke

Twitter: kenleyduke