Meet Adriane Sealey...

Originator. Intellect. Goddess

1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

Being a good girl to me means being so strong that you can be gentle, so educated you can be humble, so fierce you can be compassionate, so passionate you can be rational. I believe that a good girl is never afraid or unwilling to stand for something, even if it goes against the status quo. A good girl takes ownership for her decisions and mistakes, looks to other strong women for influence, and is willing to extend help and love to whoever needs it. She is never envious or conceited, yet self-glorified enough to know her worth. This type of woman is who I try every day to embody.

2. Tell us about your #SilverLiningChallenge...

 My #SilverLiningChallenge started spontaneously. I had been using the saying, "There's always a silver lining" just about every day to my friends in class. I know I was starting to get annoying. I honestly was just having an amazing semester, in spite of multiple reasons not to, and I was realizing how much God was trying to teach me. I thought it was important to share this positive energy with more than just my friends, because I thought it could help everyone. I thought it would also be a good way to share who I am as a person and what I have gained from my experiences. It began as opportunity for people to anonymously share stories about personal life struggles, big or small, while encouraging them to say how those experiences were necessary and in fact, beneficial, to their lives. I posted the stories on my Instagram page, and I can honestly say that I cried at some of the feedback I got. To know that people were willing to trust me with their deep personal stories and seeing how much my challenge was really helping people get through their problems gave me so much satisfaction. I was humbled beyond belief. I couldn't be more happy with the turn out, and I plan to do many more challenges in the future.

3. Have you ever considered dating outside of your race?

I never like to say never, because you just don't know. I've found that real love reveals itself in the most random places and people. However, I LOVE Black men. I'm sure that will never change, and I'm just not sure if someone of another race could relate to me.

4. You're super trendy. What's your inspiration?

I believe that my fashion inspiration comes from just being confident and most importantly authentic with who I am and what I choose to wear. Since a child, I have always felt a way about looking like the crowd. It's something I have never been comfortable with. I like to stand out. Clothes have always been my choice way of expressing myself. Plus, dressing up is just so fun! I can create outfits for different moods. I literally have no limits. I will wear whatever I like. Right now, I am on a 50's-60's tip. Everything I've been buying is vintage looking with a 2016 twist. It makes me feel so glamorous. I love it!

5. Describe yourself in a song.

Off the top of my head, the song "Freedom" by Beyonce would be the song to best describe me.

6. You're a pharmacy major. How do you maintain your sanity?

As a pharmacy major.. let me tell you.. It's hard. But the main thing I do is give myself lots of pep-talks. When you stop questioning your capabilities and start looking at everything difficult as another opportunity to make yourself proud, it's amazing what you can accomplish. My perspective is literally the only thing I have to hold on to, because pharmacy school will swallow me whole if I allow it to. so, I remain positive, eager, and I take my future responsibilities as a Doctor VERY seriously, then I get it done well. I have moments where I don't reach my goals and I break down, but I always wake up the next day, reminding myself that I have a fresh start to try again.

7. What's the meaning behind your IG name "kissandmakeup"

My Instagram name is something I thought of about 7 years ago, as a sophomore in high school. I thought my page would be for my makeup artistry, but I am so much more than a makeup artist, so that never happened. (I DO do makeup though. HIT ME UP!) I never changed my name to anything else, because it's clever and I can't think of anything else.

8. Why do you think its important to not only post bomb pictures of yourself on the gram but speak out on social issues as well?

Funny you ask, I was just telling my BFF the other day how times have really changed. Growing up cool things to post all depended on your looks, your clothes, and your boyfriend. Now, I don't follow anyone who doesn't first show me that they are awake and acknowledging the state of the world we live in. It's important. Yeah, everyone loves a bomb outfit. But if you're paying attention you cannot NOT be moved to speak on certain things. My aim on social media is not to be popular or appear seamless. I am a passionate, educated, fearless Black woman and I don't hesitate to show that.

9. What's your picture perfect life look like?

My picture perfect life is having a stable, soul-fulfilling job. I don't have to have a lot of money. I want to mainly travel the world and gain amazing experiences meeting new people and immersing myself in different cultures, expanding myself. I want to raise 6 children. And I want to make a difference, like fight for women's rights to education in poor countries. I definitely also need to retire by 47.

Thank you for reading!

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