1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

What it means to be a “Good Girl” is to be unapologetically you. A “Good Girl” is what you make it. Going through life according to how you want to live it. Doing what you got to do, to be the best you can be in all aspects of life. But what really makes a good girl is making sure that you give back to those in need. You always have to set a good example and be relatable to those around you. A good girl is a real person, not a persona.

2. What interest you most about astrology?

I took an interest in astrology early on. What interested me the most was how relatable everything was and how it just made sense. From relationships, to personal reflections, astrology has helped me figure things out in a fun way. Plus, me being a Leo, I loved to read about myself…go figure.

3. Tell us about lil zodiac blog...


 LIL ZODIAC BLOG IS MY BABY! Lil Zodiac Blog is my astrology website that branched off from me doing daily horoscopes on my Instagram page. I honestly would have never guessed that people would enjoy it this much. Lil Zodiac Blog is a step up from the Instagram as I can finally be as interactive and creative as I want. I also answer astrology questions, give compatibility advice, sign overviews, with a few more surprises in the works. It was a long time coming, and it’s still a work in progress but it’s my work in progress. It’s my baby steps into finally branching out with my craft by trying to bring fun and innovative content to all who are interested. It’s more than just telling someone their daily horoscope, or a few characteristics about themselves. I want to create something big. Huge Thanks to Brooklyne, and Braxton cause Lord knows I’m not tech savvy! Yall the best fr, I’m forever grateful.

4. Describe yourself in a song.

Garden by SZA is me to a tee. "Hope you never find out who I really am, cause you'll never love me" was the realest line a bitch has heard in a while lol or Naked by Ella Mai is a close second. It's kind of hard to choose just one because my love for music is so immense. Ari Lennox, Jon Vinyl, The Internet, and of course City Girls are just a few of my faves to listen to at the moment but trust and believe I can def switch it up with some Nudy, Hoodrich, or Key Glock ya dig

5. Everyone who knows you speaks on your non judgmental spirit, how and why do you do it?


That means a lot lol, honestly it’s naturally who I am. I can’t say how I do it, it just happens fr. Everybody has a story that lies beneath the surface. I know I do, so who am I to judge what somebody does or has done? Plus, being judgmental takes up too much energy, it just displays how truly unhappy someone is.

6. What is the difference between a feminist and a womanist? Why do you deem yourself a womanist?

I am a Womanist not just because I advocate for women's rights, but because I specifically advocate for black women's rights, and any minority out there. The truth is that being a feminist is amazing, however, pure feminism was founded based off the principle to help advocate for white women's suffrage rights while my black and brown sisters were still being swept under the rug. Womanism is based off the principle of advocating for black and brown women in regards to their social and cultural rights. If you want to compare and contrast womanist and feminist, it's best to relate it to the term "All Lives Matter" vs "Black Lives Matter". Feminism is the huge umbrella of women's rights, while womanism focuses on all of those marginalized groups WITHIN the marginalized group because their lives are the ones that need to be talked about. Makes sense?

7. Explain what the world looks like from your 4”11 view...

The whole kill is, I feel like I’m wayyyy taller than I actually am! I mean yeah it’s hard to see at concerts and stuff, but I feel like I see the world for what it is. God made me perfect in His eyes so clearly it’s things He didn’t want me to see or I would be taller. Being short is lit fr

8.  So as a member of the “itty committee” I wanna know,  whats a day in the life of having larger boobs?


Having big boobs is a gift and a curse. It’s like they be fun to play with and can come in handy when you need them to, but your back hurts all the time and my posture jih messed up, plus boys are gross and sexualize you for just wearing a basic t-shirt. All in all, love your bee stings queen. They are perfect. Don’t let these electricity tasting niggas tell you any different.

9. What does your natural hair mean to you?


 Having natural hair is a part of my entire identity. I cut my hair July 3rd 2011, and have been natural ever since. Considering I was only 12 this was a huge step. Of course I got backlash from it, but that made it even more special. My hair means a lot because it’s a since of pride. Not to sound cliché but it’s like my lion’s mane. I feel completely confident when my fro is out. I just believe it’s important to feel beautiful and confident with what God gave us naturally. But don’t get confused, I will throw Jabriah (my wig) on in a quick second if I have to!

10. What’s your attraction to sunglasses?


Oh honey. I can’t walk out the house without shades on, I feel incomplete. Sunglasses just really make your whole outfit. I think it honestly stemmed from me wearing glasses my whole life, so when I finally got contacts I had to show out! But honestly, my eyes are hella sensitive to sunlight so…I took a medical condition, and made it fashion.

11. How do you maneuver in your love life? Describe your flirting style.


What love life.. lol but honestly I just like being around someone who can teach me new things but at the same tine not try to belittle me if that makes sense. Someone I can be myself with, a best friend, a confidant. Someone like me but completely not like me. Someone who is patient with me. Someone that provides balance, in an organized chaos type of way.

Secondly, I don’t really know how to flirt. My flirting style is…aggressive. If I’m mean to you 9/10 I’m flirting, so you better just catch the hint.

PS. If you are a Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, Gemini or Aquarius, DM real quick..I’m tryna see sumn’.

12.  Have you done any soul searching? If so, what did you discover?

Amazing question. This summer I had nothing but time to do soul searching. I was by myself in a new city where I knew no one. I had a lot of talks with myself, my mom, and most importantly God. I discovered that my journey is no one else’s but my own. I learned that beneath the hard exterior I put out, there’s definitely some sensitivity lying in there somewhere. I became so in-tune spiritually that I looked forward to my talks with God. Those talks were well needed, especially with me taking an interest in astrology, I didn’t want people to get confused that I am a woman of God above everything else! All in all, I learned how to just be completely comfortable with all aspects of Khaci.


Lastly, I just want to say whatever your passion is ladies and gentlemen go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s looked at as unconventional. & Thank you Brooklyne, The Good Girl Movement, & all the good girls out there. Continue to be a trailblazer and a guiding light in everything you do. Thank you all for reading!

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