See the World, Queen

Experiencing the world is one of life’s greatest gifts. There are so many reasons why traveling is important for women, especially women of color. Some of us are unaware of different cultures until we take the time to educate ourselves. One of the best ways to educate ourselves is through traveling.  Although traveling overseas may seem exciting, there is so much diversity, here in the states, that some of us are blind to.  Have you ever traveled to another state and thought about how different so many things were? Whether it was someone accent, the food or simply the way of life… we miss out on a lot of these experiences.

Now I know what most of you are thinking… traveling is so expensive! You want to enjoy the world but at what cost? Traveling has become more affordable than you may think. There are many different options that make taking a trip more economical. For starters, there are many resources to choose from like the many black travel bloggers such as “Black and Abroad”, “The Globe Getter”, “One Girl One World”- whose websites include travel plans that allow monthly payment options. These bloggers take multiple trips throughout the year, and are reputable.

A few examples on Instagram:

  • @travelnoire

  • @blackgirlstraveltoo


Also, lodging has become easier with sites such as Airbnb. If you are someone who has read about black women being discriminated and not being able to book via Airbnb, please do not let that discourage you. Not everyone has a bad experience and it truly is worth a try. However, if you simply don’t want to support Airbnb, there is an alternative. was created with you in mind. Same concept except it is catered to and is known as the “black Airbnb”.

If you are traveling within the states and want to sightsee, is an amazing option. This website combines selected cities’ most popular tourist sites for one low price. I myself have used a city pass in New York, Atlanta, Houston, and San Diego. I highly suggest looking into this option.

WHATEVER is stopping you from seeing and experiencing the world, don’t let it. Invest and take time to research and you will realize that traveling is not as intimidating as it may appear. Looking forward to hearing your successful travel stories!