Booked & Busy

I always pride myself on being “booked and busy” but never asked myself...

“Am I booked and busy with things that are going to elevate me or am I just booked and busy?”

Pursing a dream is tough to balance while working or attending school, especially if you have the nerve to be an "overachiever" and have a part-time job, or active in 100 clubs and organizations while in school. Even though all of that is extremely important, don’t forget to properly prioritize your dream. If you don’t who will?

I was talking to one of my mentors, telling her all I was doing in school, “Well, I’m Miss Hampton, writing a play, in charge of two pageants, senior class officer, trying to graduate on time, starting a movement on campus…” thinking she’s gonna be proud I’m on my shit. Then she asked me, “Well Brooklyne, how’s good girl?”

 I kinda stuttered and told her the few things I was doing, that sounded like I was coming up with bs off top, cause I was. 

She then asked, “Okay, and how’s film?”

I didn’t have an answer.

Note: Film is my dream, what I want to be pursing after college.

She replied, “See that’s the problem, when are you going to start working on your Plan A?”

That hit me like a build of blocks. She’s so right, all of these things I’m putting my time into are great, but are they truly helping me catapult my dreams into reality? So from that moment I knew I had to make a change. Stop putting everyone else’s needs before my own. Cause guess what? When Brooklyne graduates, Hampton will still be alive and well, but where will she be?

So I made a “lil list” of the things I needed to get done.

I created a class schedule for film and good girl. So for example, I had class MWF at 10am, 11am, and 3pm. Typically, during that gap I would socialize in the student center, grab lunch at Chick Fila or have a meeting about an organization. Instead, I decided to go to the library with my chick Fila and work on good girl stuff. Set specific goals for what I wanted to accomplish during that period. On Tuesdays my schedule was class at 9am, and 12pm so during that gap I would go back to the library read books on my craft, reach out to people on LinkedIn, or look up jobs and internships.

So yes, that means I was working around the clock, but how else are my dreams going to come into fruition? As my mom says, “Do one thing everyday to make your tomorrow better.”

So I encourage all my girls to make a class schedule for your dreams. Come up with a specific system that holds you accountable. It’s easy to procrastinate, next thing you know weeks have gone by, a month, and then years later and you’re further away from your dream.

The time is now sis, to get your whole life together.

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Love your homegirl,