An Ode to Freshman Year

Oh, the things I wish I knew.

The moment I received my diploma, I remember the adrenaline bursting through my veins as I prepared for my freshmen year of college. While the last four years were filled with unshakeable friendships and memories, I knew that I was ready for something new, something fresh.

I was starting my own life, living on the outskirts of Atlanta. Downtown was literally my doorstep, and I couldn’t wait to play outside.

I remember my freshmen year. The nonstop parties where I would bask in the glow of the city lights, the 3 AM food that tasted much better than anything made during the day. Attending every campus and city event I had gas to get to. I remember experiencing life. I remember feeling free.

Looking back though, I wish I remembered to use my best judgement and not necessarily my “spur of the moment” ideas that fell out the sky.

I wish I knew that hangovers were a real thing, and that class still continued despite me being in attendance.

I wish I knew my high school GPA wouldn’t save me, and that failing a class meant that I had wasted my tuition money.

I wish I knew that missing a party or two was perfectly fine.

I wish I knew about the boys, the grown men, the heartbreak, the depression.

I simply wish I remembered the Queen I was, I wish that never left my memory.

But, Now it’s your turn.

Your turn to do it right.

Freshmen year is a very transitional time, as some of the greatest moments of your entire life are currently commencing. With that, you have a duty to yourself to make these moments unforgettable, but in the best way possible. So often, I wish I had a time machine to erase the decisions I could’ve avoided, had I simply stopped to think.

As an ode to your first year, promise me you’ll think. See, as a Black Queen, there is a consistent magnifying glass on your every move. And honey, they see you. You’re being scrutinized for every minute decision you make, by people you didn’t even know were looking.. Think about every decision and every idea.  If needed, overthink. That one thought can be the turning point for not only the rest of your college years, but your life in general. Now this isn’t to say that you can’t make mistakes; they’re inevitable. However, learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from the mistakes I’ve made. Put yourself in the best position possible, so that your freshman year is one you’re proud of. I know you can.

Go on Black Girl, Be Magic.