Do We REALLY Need an Apple a Day?

I knew an Apple announcement was on the way because my phone has been glitching and tweaking to no end lately. As expected, Apple has just announced their four new products launching in the upcoming months: the iPhones XS, XS Max, XR, and the Apple Watch Series 4. Boasting new camera capabilities and FaceTime calls with up to 32 people, faster processing speeds with new and improved iOS systems, it honestly sounds like a dream to those wanting bigger and better!

 But why?

 Let’s think about it. Why does Apple have such a hold on us? Steer away from the “Their products are really just that good debate,” and think on a deeper level. What is sooooo great about Apple products that makes it seem like our lives depend on them?

 Think of your phone (Android users, sit this one out). I can tell you now, if I misplace my phone, the lump that forms in my throat makes it hard to swallow. The fear that my phone is lost forever is just that overwhelming. When I think of everything I store on my phone from the years’ worth of memories and experiences to my endless notes and calendar reminders, it is evident that I have placed my life and trust into this phone.

 But do I trust my friends that much? My family? Myself? It’s so easy to give a quick “of course” without thinking of all the things I keep to myself, as if the people I care about the most won’t understand. But my iPhone does? Right.

 There’s a certain attachment we have to our iPhones that is indescribable, yet we continue to turn a deaf ear to the attachment when its brought up in discussion. Now, like most, I’m intrigued by what Apple claims their new products offer. I must admit, I’ve been consistent when it comes to getting the updated models. I must take a step back to realize and analyze this unhealthy relationship and addicted to Apple products. I’ve been hooked for years.  Is it toxic? Or am I looking too deep into it?

 Just food for thought.