Slick Defines Beauty

Twitter timelines were in shambles, the block and unfollow button were used heavily, and tweets filled with spicy replies went viral. The cause of the commotion? Slick Woods’ beauty.


The 22 year old model went from being homeless three years ago to walking on the New York Fashion Week runway. Despite the opinion circulating on social media that Slick Woods is ugly, she has made a huge name for herself in the fashion industry. From being featured in Yeezy Season 2 lookbook to being a prominent face in the Fenty Beauty lines, Woods is killing the game and her black girl magic needs to be applauded.


Yet, instead of giving her flowers and cheering on her next move, the focus has shifted to her physical features.

Slick went into labor during rihanna’s savage x fenty show for new york fashion week

Slick went into labor during rihanna’s savage x fenty show for new york fashion week

People have reduced her worth to her appearance, demonizing her for the gapped teeth, shaved head, and tattoos as if these weren’t the very features that are Rihanna and Kanye West admired. The issue lies within people believing that European features are the standard of beauty and that if someone looks different, they are automatically labeled “ugly”. We scream “black girl magic” and “we want every black girl to win” from the mountaintops, but degrade those same black girls for their physical features that may be different from the norm. We scream “inclusion” but want to exclude Slick Woods from her props because her teeth and looks offend you?! The ultimate confusion.

The shallowness of our society reveals itself daily but it jumped out during this situation. Slick Woods is highly talented, highly qualified, and so deserving of everything she has done and will continue to do. We love her for those accomplishments and we love every bit of her look. Woods is here to stay. Keep shining for the unconventional beauties and girls waiting on their time to shine. Can’t wait to see what this good girl does next!