Fashion 101: Homecoming Edition

FASHION 101: Homecoming Edition

It’s that time ladies, my favorite time of the year, Fall. The weather is cooling down, so you can show off those crimson & canary colors and pull out the thigh highs. But wait, it’s also time to POP out. Homecoming is right around the corner, so you have to slay, PERIOD. Let’s go down the list: Nails done. Hair done. What about your fits? Sure you can check out Fashion Nova, but do you really wanna get caught at those homecoming events in a “Who wore it better” scenario? I’m sure you don’t. You can take a chance with that cute IG boutique, but what if you’re on a time crunch or you end up with a pair of pants that look more like a tablecloth than the palazzo’s in the pic. That’s a no-no. I like to consider myself fashion savvy, a connoisseur if you will. If you can keep it lowkey, here are a few places I like to check for statement pieces to make all of my fits unique and super stylish!  I don’t play about my coin, so many of these shops are super affordable and budget friendly. You can thank me later ;)

FLASH Fashion in



  1. Pretty Little Thing

  2. The Fashion Bible

  3. Glamorous

  4. Hello Molly

  5. Princess Poll


  1. Zara

  2. Missguided

  3. Asos

  4. Top Shop

  5. Boohoo


  1. Glamorous

  2. New Look

  3. Glamorous

  4. Nasty Gal

  5. NA-KD


  1. Miss Selfridge

  2. Lavish Alice

  3. ShowPo

  4. Oasis

  5. Fortunate One


  1. Simmi shoes

  2. Ego official

  3. Aldo

  4. Amiclubwear

  5. Lola shoetique

  6. Agaci