The Art Of a Good Girl’s Heart

As a Good Girl, so much of what we do is regulated by our hearts.

Sometimes we insist on getting praise for our strength and independence while we continue to neglect our heart and its condition.

We lose our footing in this terrain of self doubt and we look to other idols as our guide.

We are often taught that we are here to serve. But a woman's heart is capable of so much more.

The art of the heart is that it’s central.

Not only is it the most important organ that acts as the electrical system for the entirety of our bodies, but it is a symbol of the most powerful emotion.


There is something so fierce about a woman’s love. The heart holds this. With so much beauty to unveil, the pressure to have it all together can weigh heavy. One by one we place each burden on our shoulders as our heart begs for help.

Take a moment. Breathe. Listen to your heart.

It’s time to realize that it’s ok not to be ok. The rhythms of a good heart can beat off tempo from time to time. But the art of the heart is that it still beats. So brace yourself for an adventure. One that looks like restoration and release. It’s not always about finding out who you ought to be but discovering who you already are. A Good Girl. A woman who is home to a love so fierce and full of good. It’s irreplaceable.

A good heart drives a good purpose.  

“There’s no heart without the word hear, so I listened to my heart and it brought me here” - Unknown