Meet Asia Milia,

Motivator. Hustler. Maverick. 

1. What do you think it means to be a good girl?

When I hear “good girl,” I think it means a woman that is creating her own lane. In a social media driven society where fake women are pushed on us as role models it is important to know yourself, know your worth and know that your lane will forever be for you and no one can take that from you. A good girl is one who is confident in herself and needs verification from no one. 

2. I know you’re extremely into fitness, tell us about your fitness journey.

I started my fitness journey my second semester of my freshman year. I gained a lot of weight my first semester adjusting to school and at this point I knew I wanted to go into the fashion industry, and I wanted to start a blog really bad, but I knew that I desired a certain body for the way I wanted to dress. I started working out, I cut out soda and sugar, and I ate extremely clean— within 9 months I dropped 50 lbs. But, throughout my journey I learned so much about myself. I wanted to help other women obtain their body goals and I started a page to motivate them. I gained some weight back, but my life is a constant fitness journey because fitness has become my lifestyle.

3. Take us through your workout regime.

My workout regime really varies; my favorite thing to do is workout outside. During the summer when I’m home I wake up at 7am and I jog around the track and I go to the gym in the afternoon to do weights for whatever part of my body I’m working that day. At school it’s a lot harder to find time, but when I do, I usually do 1-2 cardio machines, my favorites are the StairMaster and the treadmill. After after 25-30 minutes on each I do 3-4 sets of machines. When I workout my upper body I do a lot of lateral pull downs, ab machines, assisted pull ups, and dumbbell workouts. For lower body, squats are my favorite; I do weighted squats usually a little over 100lbs, and I do just about every leg machine in the gym. After a nice workout I like to sit in the sauna, it’s therapeutic to me. 

4. Since you’re a fashion guru, how can you turn an outfit from basic to bomb?

An outfit can go from basic to bomb by accessorizing. Accessories are the key to any bomb outfit— you can wear a basic t-shirt with jeans, but accessorize it with some fur, a printed blazer, or even statement shoes. A lot of people focus on looking like these girls on Instagram, but they fail to realize everyone can buy basic pieces, but it’s how you accessorize it that matters, and that’s how you make the outfit personable and not what everyone else is wearing. 

5. Tell us about your internships and what you did to get there.

I’ve had a lot of internships, most people know me for working with ESSENCE Magazine and Hot 97, but I’ve had other ones as well. Getting them definitely wasn’t easy, but I did a lot to get them. My internships include: being a style guru for CollegeFashionista, Sales Assistant for ADEAM, Writer for Play Like A Girl, College Ambassador for ESSENCE Magazine, Sales/ Marketing Assistant at Hot 97, and being an Assistant Fashion Stylist for Mia Tucker Williams. I worked hard to get all of them, and I searched really hard. I was blessed to find some easier than others, but for most of them I searched and went through interviews, a rigorous application process, and I had to prove myself against competitive candidates. 

6. What’s your take on long distance relationships

Honestly, relationships and me don’t mix too well. I always end up in “situationships,” but I was in a long distance relationship for a while and it taught me a lot about myself. I don’t think it’s for everyone. I think both people have to really want the relationship and put in effort. I think the relationship has to be kept interesting when you’re so far from each other; send me flowers every now and then and I’ll send you a nice outfit to go out with your boys. Also, trust plays a huge part in long distance relationships, if you don’t trust one another then you’ll always be thinking something in the back of your head. Your thoughts can eat you alive and it’s unhealthy for the relationship. 

7. Describe yourself in a song.

Asia Milia in a song would definitely be, I Believe by Fantasia. I love Beyoncé all day everyday, and I will turn up to Desiigner first thing in the morning, but I Believe does something to me. On my bad days when I go running I listen to this song, and if I ever need to get through the day I listen to this. I think this song describes me, because it represents everything that I am. Fantasia is singing to never let go, to believe, and that dreams are attainable. I am a go-getter, and I love to inspire other women that your dreams are only as far as you think they are. Fantasia says in the song lyrics, “Strive to be the very best, shine my light for all to see. Anything is possible when you believe.” And, that right there, that’s me. I shine my light for all to see.  

8. You have a close squad of friends, what do you think is the key to maintaining healthy friendships?


Yes! I have a very close squad; I was never the type to have a huge circle of friends. I have my select few that support me and we ride for each other no matter what. I think the key to maintaining healthy friendships is being like-minded as who you surround yourself with. When your circle thinks like you it is easier to maintain the friendship. All of my friends think like me, we want big things in life, we are go-getters and chase our goals, and we maintain our healthy friendship by reaching these things together and bulding each other along the way so no one falls. I think a lot of friendships fail because they’re friends for the wrong reasons, but having like-minded friends has really been the key to maintaining healthy friendships for me.

9. How did you adjust being from New York, where there’s always something to do, to living in Hampton, Virginia, where it’s not as busy… How do you keep yourself entertained?

Adjusting for me was extremely hard, because I’m always on the run in New York. I’m struggling a lot now with being in Hampton and being completely uninspired because nothing is going on around me. But, I keep myself entertained by making the most of what’s around me. Lately, I’ve been escaping Virginia every weekend so I have something to look forward to as the week is dragged out. But, before I started doing that I would explore different restaurants in the area, find trails to run, go to the mall from time to time, and do photo shoots so I have something to constantly write about. 

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself being a millionaire— There’s so much that I want to do and sometimes I think being in school holds me back from fully doing all that I want. So, after I get this degree it’s go time. In five years, I see myself owning multiple businesses and helping younger women as I rise. In addition to being an entrepreneur, in five years I hope to be able to break into the entertainment industry and possibly be a personality, that’s a new goal of mine, definitely attainable though!

Xoxo, your FAVORITE girl boss.

Thank you to the Good Girl Movement for showing women how it's done!

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