Progressive and the City

Progressive and the City :  Cynthia Nixon’s Influence Beyond the Screen

You probably know Cynthia Nixon as the redhead from the iconically acclaimed television series, Sex and the City. Today, she graces the political scene as a New York City born and bred activist whose knowledgeable about what’s going on and what needs to be changed.  In wake of the progressive movement, Cynthia Nixon entered as a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the current election against  Democratic competitor, Andrew Cuomo.

Although Cynthia Nixon is no longer in the game for this election, we stan her progressive mindset! Here’s three reasons why we need more true progressive candidates who will serve as catalysts of change.  


Exhibit A:

A few of Nixon’s brownie points comes from her beliefs and also from being endorsed by Kalief Browder’s brother who was the past NYC mayoral candidate, Akeem Browder, and Democratic superstar, Alexandria Ocasio.  She appeared on Wendy to reassure New Yorkers that although her career and name has derived a great deal of success and notoriety off of popular series, Sex & the City, she is not a celebrity ‘candidate’.

The last thing we need, is another famous or wealthy person who feels as though a few snapple facts serve as a justification and experience to pursue a political position.

Cynthia Nixon seems to be another rare political candidate focused on giving us real deal results and solutions, as she has been a dedicated activist in NYC public schools for years. She isn’t just riding the wave. Her plans for change speak volumes.

Exhibit B:

“I just think we need to have more people of color and women and LGBT people not just represented — but leading,”

“If we want to fix our world, they know what’s wrong with it because they’ve been on the short end of the stick.”

Cynthia Nixon

It is no secret that representation in power structures is vital. For a middle aged well-off white woman to openly advocate for representation rights  and push for necessary movements is a step in the right direction towards innovative reformation for this country.


Exhibit C:

“Ms. Nixon proposes a $700 million expansion of child care subsidies and a new program to pay for college. She calls for more access to social services outside the classroom. And she sharply criticizes the status quo as a system where “white, wealthy children are prepared for college, and low-income children of color are disproportionately put into the school-to-prison pipeline.” - A City Hall Newsletter sourced on Politico.

As you can see, Cynthia Nixon blatantly opposes our current functions of education and education expenses, having no issue describing exactly where it lacks. We need candidates who are willing to tell the truth that has been swept under the rug for so long.  

Lastly, but of course not least in significance, Cynthia Nixon is no stranger to the hurdles, doors, and ceilings that exist in the world. Her knowledge and personal experiences help her advocacy for LGBTQ, persons of color, and women, in addition to the overall fight against inequality.

We appreciate Cynthia Nixon, and in the words of one of our fav boss ladies Olivia Pope, we are ready to meet more gladiators who proudly wear the white hat.