Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day… Again.

It’s that time of year, once again and you either really love it and look forward to it or hate it with a passion. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is  the one and only... Valentine’s Day. Although this holiday is mostly known to celebrate love between two people, it always gets a lot of play from those who are single. In my opinion, it seems like single people hate February 14th.  Even though I am currently in a relationship, I’m here to tell you ladies that being single on Valentine’s Day is not as bad as you may think. Trust me, I know. I wasn’t always in a relationship my damn self. Now before you read this and roll your eyes out of frustration, hear me out. I really want to share a few tips that will hopefully allow you to enjoy this dreaded holiday, SINGLE!

  1. Galentine’s Day

I don’t care how many times it has been said, but it’s true. Spending this holiday with other single friends can be lots of fun. There is nothing more exciting then turning up with your girls right? Then why should this day be any different. Grab some friends, get dressed up, take some bomb pictures, go out and just have fun! The beauty in this is that you will be surprised at how many people are out having a good time… just like you. And it gets better… you will most likely run into other people who are single as well! Such an easy way to meet someone new and mingle. Or you don’t have to meet anyone, just simply enjoy the night with your girls

2. Me Time!

Now, what if you are someone who may not have a lot of single friends? That’s cool too. This day can also be all about YOU! I mean this day is based around love, and who gon’ love YOU more than YOU? Nobodyy, *in Keith Sweat voice.* All jokes aside and as cliché it may sound, you know it’s true. Self-love is the best love. So show yourself some. A few things you can do are take a trip to the spa, get a new sexy outfit, switch up your hair, take a bubble bath, sip on some wine. I mean truly, you can do anything you want as long as you are focusing on your love for yourself.

All I’m saying is this Valentine’s Day, do as you please. Don’t let this day have you all in your feelings and feeling some type of way. Own it, enjoy it, while living your best single life.

Feeling Myself

Feeling Myself : Masturbation & a Tribute to the Magic of Your Fingers


The feeling that overtakes your body before you climax is unmatched and even better when you’re the cause of those fireworks.

We’re talking about masturbation, ladies. The art of pleasuring yourself without the assistance of anyone else. The taboo of masturbation has always confused me because it’s literally the raw essence of that radical self-love that people love to preach on their vlogs and Instagram posts.

It’s all about connecting with yourself on a level that no one else can, simply because no one knows your body better than you do! Understanding what your body wants and needs helps your sex life and overall confidence.


It strengthens your sex life because now you’re able to pinpoint exactly where your partner is going wrong. Say goodbye to big finishes from your partner and the lack of for you. It’s time to get yours, sweetie. By knowing the speed, motion, and area that sends those waves from your toes to neck, you can direct your partner and give them the key to your big O. Masturbation can also add some well-needed spice to those moments in between the sheets. Some people gain pleasure simply from seeing you pleasure yourself. Give it a try, I promise it won’t disappoint!

As odd as it sounds, masturbation helps your confidence. It’s quite powerful knowing that you can achieve greatness down below just as well, if not better than someone else can for you. No longer will you settle for someone who gives you mediocre sex, especially if they were already losing points in other areas of the relationship. You level up on your worth and understand that you can do bad all by yourself, literally. You won’t be dependent on someone else for something that is so natural.

There’s nothing left but to do it! If you’re a beginner, start off with just your fingers. Play your favorite bedroom playlist music, take a warm bath, put on your diffuser, and relax into yourself. Once you get comfortable with that, begin to explore toys or other aids that add some flavor. Besides, every good girl likes to have a little fun!

4 Cosmetic Brands for Women of Color

Black Girl Approved

Are you tired of going from store to store, makeup isle to makeup isle, just to be disappointed that your foundation shade is not there? Luckily, there are many emerging makeup brands made by women of color FOR women of color. Yes, other cosmetic brands are now making more inclusive shades, and we can all contribute that result to the success of Fenty Beauty. Where were y’all when I was mixing the darkest shade with some form of “chestnut” just to get my perfect match? Keep it. Now let me put y’all on to some of my favorite Black-owned makeup brands because we are not accepting anything less than perfection in 2019 !

1. Juvia’s Place

Founded by Chichi Eburu, a Nigerian native, this brand offers affordable makeup inspired by African culture. Juvia’s Place is known for their pigmented eyeshadows and bright color!

2. The Crayon Case

Founded by Raynell “Supa” Steward, Supa got her start by posting comedic personality videos on Instagram. Her authenticity brought her many followers and a fab base that allowed her to start her makeup creation. This crayon box themed makeup collection took over the internet with tons of beauty guru reviews and collaborations. I can’t blame them,the color combinations are to die for!

3. Mented Cosmetics

Founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E Johnson, the two got the idea because they felt like there were no “nude” lipsticks specifically for women of color. They have also added eyeshadow palettes and nail polish to their collection. So, if you’re looking for a good lippie try Mented!

4. Fenty Beauty

I couldn’t leave out Fenty Beauty, the makeup line that single-handedly changed the makeup game forever. Founded by Rihanna, this anticipated makeup brand made headlines with its 40 shades of foundations. Talk about inclusivity!

I hope this list was helpful to my chocolate beauty lovers, or my beauty lovers who just want to support more Black businesses.

Stay fly. Stay moisturized. Stay BEAT !

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Checklist


Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Checklist

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and all anyone can talk about is spending time with their families, eating Grandma’s “signature” mac and cheese, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and cashing out for Black Friday. If you are anything like me, you agree that Black Friday is a HUGE hype-fest. You stay up all hours of the night,  run on nothing but Thanksgiving leftovers and coffee, battle traffic, long lines and even the occasional customer just to get that Victoria Secret deal... not my forte. Needless to say, I usually don’t partake in these festivities. However, as a college student on a budget, this is the perfect time to look for the best deals on items that have been on your wishlist forever. If you want to conquer your procrastination, this is also the best time to get your holiday season gifts out of the way. For someone who usually puts Black friday for the preferred Cyber monday, I took to doing some research to help create a list of everything you need to know to have the least stressful and most successful shopping experience.

  1. Do your research & Make a wishlist

Now, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but making a wishlist  can help you steer away from buying things you don’t necessarily need. Stick to the essentials- your holiday shopping list and your personal wishlist. If you see some good deals on home appliances or hair accessories, account for these on your list. Make sure you research which stores have the best deals for these items PRIOR to shopping.

  1. Set and follow your Budget

This kind of goes hand in hand with research. Know how much money you have and figure out how much money you want to spend. Based on the deals available for the items you want, you can make a pretty reliable budget. The hardest part is actually sticking to it. Make sure to bring cash in stores and have your card information ready for checkout online for smooth transactions.

2. Sign up for emails & Apps

To get those extra discounts, sign up for emails and arm yourself with all of the apps. If you know which stores you are going to go to, sign up for email programs to save even more money on already discounted items. Getting the apps for the stores could also make it easier to get better deals. Don’t just hit that X online either, you might get something more than just free shipping- which by the way, is a GREAT deal!

3.   Shopping Buddies, you need em.

Please do not try to tackle the craziness that is Black Friday alone. Bring your friends or family. It makes the experience 10 times more fun and a lot less stressful.

4.  Early bird gets the worm!
We all know people stake out for Jordans and Walmart flat screens, and as hectic as it gets, they have the right idea. The earlier you get out, the quicker you can get what you need and leave. When shopping on Cyber Monday, wake up early to hit the web before your favorite boutiques run out of stock. In this case, it definitely pays to be early.

So there you are, a quick little checklist to make sure that your shopping is splendid. Happy Holidays to all the Good Girls out there. May your Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday be a success.

City Girl To Good Girl

I think it is safe to say that the controversial duo, JT and Resha, also known as the City Girls, has left their mark on the music industry. Resha and JT set the tone when they dropped their debut single, “F*** Tha N*gga.” The name of the song speaks for itself, but what many fail to see are the deeper meanings of the vulgarity coming from these pretty girl’s mouths. Class is in session, let’s learn what the City girls have to teach.

Scenario 1:

“Bum n*ggas, give me headaches, where the Tylenol?
If you ain’t talking money, that’s a missed call”

Ladies, I know we can all relate to having that one guy who does not bring much to the table, however they are quick to snatch everything from yours. He might be burdening you financially, emotionally or mentally. The amount of time that you spend lurking on his social media could be time better spent building your brand, securing that 4.0, or getting your money up. The City Girls are letting us know that these bum boys don’t deserve a Good Girl’s time. Their giving us much needed permission to do what we NEED to do to get where we NEED to be, without distractions.

Scenario 2:

“Im that b**** but I am not your b****”

You finally meet a guy who matches your vibe. You are both thriving in your career fields but you still seem to feel incomplete. You are no longer passionate about the things that usually fueled you and you feel as if you lack a purpose. You have become complacent. As hard as it may be to admit, you have allowed yourself to pour so much of your energy into your significant other that you might have left nothing for yourself. Once you come to this realization, you can begin to take control over your life and start the process of living your BEST life! Remember that you do not  belong to anyone and you do not have to be a girlfriend to find love. Pour love into your friends, family, passions and the most important...YOU!

Scenario 3:

“I ain't the b*** you gon' sit and treat lame

Telling me lies, thinking you running your game“

You finally got your groove back and let go of some of that dead weight, including your ex “Mr. Right”. You are now dating, but you find yourself questioning if what  you require from men is too much. You are either disinterested or flat-out skeptical about every guy. The constant doubt has you reconsidering if leaving your ex was the right thing to do. As women, it is common for us to allow heartbreak or messy situations to lower our standards, so that we do not feel lonely. Truth be told, every women should have the confidence to know that  they are IT! Don’t let these boys try to run game on you. Use that special super power that every girl has, your intuition. The City Girls are simply letting us know that their standards are not to be reckoned with!

Whether you are their biggest fan, or still have not heard one song, The City Girls have some valuable advice for us all. Good Girl, it is okay to channel your inner City Girl and let the world know that you are that B! PERIOD.


No Shave November

No shave? No problem!

It’s that time of year again... No shave November!  You might recognize it as the time of the year where the guys put down their razors with goals to look like Santa Claus by December. They also do it to promote awareness for Prostate cancer, so they get a free pass. However, is no shave November exclusively for the guys? Why is it that society expects us to be hairless? And just who are we being hairless for? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to shave your legs for an entire month without being judged? & Use all the money you would spend on shaving and donate it to cancer research? In honor of No Shave November, here are some benefits of NOT shaving. Maybe, just maybe, as ladies we can give it a shot!

1.  Your body hair has a purpose.

Just like eyelashes help keep dust and dirt out of your eyes, vaginal hair helps protect us from bacteria. Body hair also helps to regulate your body temperature. Your body knows what it wants, so don’t fight it.

2. Avoiding ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can come from something as simple as improper shaving. We’ve all been there and it’s just annoying and painful. That should be reason enough to say say bye-bye to the razor.

3. Saving time!

When I shave, I’ll usually spend an extra 15-20 minutes in the shower. That’s way more than usual! That extra time could be spent doing something more productive, like making breakfast or even perfecting your winged eyeliner.

4. No more irritation.

If you are like me and have sensitive skin, the slightest things can cause inflammation. Most Dermatologist’s recommend women to NOT shave. Yeah, doctor reccommended. So why spend extra money on shaving products just to spend more money on soothing creams? All of this, just for the hair to grow back? Totally not worth it if you ask me.


Ladies let’s DROP the razors and the wax, and give No shave November a try for a GOOD cause!

Fabi's Music Playlist

The summer has officially ended BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t turn up in the fall! Tons of new music has dropped by some of our faves...and there’s still more to come. Artists like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, 6lack, H.E.R., and many more are giving you nothing but heat to prepare for these chilly months ahead. Whether you want to bop to Gunna and Lil Baby, or simply appreciate a smooth Ella Mai R&B type of vibe, there is literally something new for all of us. Not to mention some of these artists faced a few challenges to release these projects that are spicing up the music scene.

Lil Wayne’s long awaited album “Tha Carter V” was highly anticipated, however there were a lot of behind the scenes legal issues that prevented its release. The album was actually supposed to drop almost 4 years ago! Yes, it’s been that long. In 2012, Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against Cash Money and his longtime friend, Birdman, for $51 Million for violating his contract and not releasing the album. A lot of animosity, diss tracks, and even a shooting in 2015 came about, but this didn’t stop the rapper from winning his case earlier this year. Lil Wayne then announced he would drop the album on his birthday. The album finally came to be on September 28, one day after Lil Wayne’s 36th birthday, and I believe I can speak for all of us when I say it’s good to have King Carter back.

Lil Wayne’s struggle with releasing his album is just one of many issues that artists face when bringing music to their fans. Either way, it’s all worth the wait.  I’ve created a quick playlist that I hope turns you up like it does for me.

Lil Wayne- Uproar

Lil Wayne- Uproar

Quavo ft.Drake – Flip The Switch

Quavo ft.Drake – Flip The Switch

Queen Naija – Karma

Queen Naija – Karma

6lack- pretty little fears

6lack- pretty little fears

H.E.R. ft. Bryson Tiller – Could’ve Been

H.E.R. ft. Bryson Tiller – Could’ve Been

Young ma- petty wap

Young ma- petty wap

cardi b- money

cardi b- money

Fashion 101: Homecoming Edition

FASHION 101: Homecoming Edition

It’s that time ladies, my favorite time of the year, Fall. The weather is cooling down, so you can show off those crimson & canary colors and pull out the thigh highs. But wait, it’s also time to POP out. Homecoming is right around the corner, so you have to slay, PERIOD. Let’s go down the list: Nails done. Hair done. What about your fits? Sure you can check out Fashion Nova, but do you really wanna get caught at those homecoming events in a “Who wore it better” scenario? I’m sure you don’t. You can take a chance with that cute IG boutique, but what if you’re on a time crunch or you end up with a pair of pants that look more like a tablecloth than the palazzo’s in the pic. That’s a no-no. I like to consider myself fashion savvy, a connoisseur if you will. If you can keep it lowkey, here are a few places I like to check for statement pieces to make all of my fits unique and super stylish!  I don’t play about my coin, so many of these shops are super affordable and budget friendly. You can thank me later ;)

FLASH Fashion in



  1. Pretty Little Thing

  2. The Fashion Bible

  3. Glamorous

  4. Hello Molly

  5. Princess Poll


  1. Zara

  2. Missguided

  3. Asos

  4. Top Shop

  5. Boohoo


  1. Glamorous

  2. New Look

  3. Glamorous

  4. Nasty Gal

  5. NA-KD


  1. Miss Selfridge

  2. Lavish Alice

  3. ShowPo

  4. Oasis

  5. Fortunate One


  1. Simmi shoes

  2. Ego official

  3. Aldo

  4. Amiclubwear

  5. Lola shoetique

  6. Agaci

7 Dating Tips for this Upcoming Cuffing Season

As “cuffing season” approaches, it is more than necessary that we go over dating tips. We all know it’s not easy “tryna get chose” or finding someone who meets our standards these days. It may seem that we all want the same outcome in a relationship because we all post the same memes, quotes, goals, etc. So why is it so hard to find the one? Here are some dating tips and tricks that could potentially save you from heartache and wasted time. You can thank me later.

 1.  Shoot your shot!

More often than not we shoot ourselves down before anyone else does.  Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. Most guys appreciate a woman who speaks up and isn’t afraid to “shoot her shot”. It shows a great deal of confidence and courage. Confidence is ALWAYS on the list of what men want to find in companion so what are you waiting for ? Go get your man girl!

 2.  If a man says he isn’t ready for commitment or a relationship, BELIEVE HIM.

As women we sometimes think that we can heal and change a man’s way of thinking to make him fall in love with us. You are running a huge risk of being disappointed once you realize that no matter what you do this man is going to do what he wants to do regardless.  He told you from the beginning he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Continuing to stay around could put you in one of the most dangerous, confusing, and forbidden, relationship statuses out there… a “situationship”.

 3. Let your guard down.

We all have had our fair share of heartbreaks in the past and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t affect the way we date now. But, in order to connect with someone you must be open and emotionally available. He can’t see how great of a person you are if you don’t let him in.

 4. Go out and mingle.

How do you expect to meet someone if you never leave your house? Find the things that you are interested in and follow them. Travel, meet new people, go party every once in a while. You would be surprised of how many interesting connections you will make just by leaving your couch. Love and Hip-hop will air their reruns every Monday, get out of the house and go be social!

5. Be the “10” you want to attract.

I will never go as far as saying that someone’s standards are too high. We all reserve the right to not settle, but do ask yourself “When I meet my 10 will he be settling for me?” Make sure that you are applying  the same standards to yourself that you are requiring of your companion. After all, you know what they say, “you are a reflection of the type of men you attract.

6. “Relationship goals” aren’t actual goals

How many times have you logged on to Instagram and saw “Theshaderoom” post your favorite couple having issues. Always remember social media is the glamorous side of the relationship they allow us to see. The trips, matching fits, date nights, it could all be a facade.  What we don’t see is the hard work that goes on behind closed doors. Sometimes “relationship goals” couples are only together for the sake of their social media following. So avoid being being discouraged from comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy.

7. Stay true to yourself!

It’s easy to lose yourself in this dating game but it is imperative that you don’t allow that to happen. Know what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with and most importantly, stick with it. Always be YOU and be true and I promise your dream guy will appreciate that!

You've Got a Friend in Me?

Any friendship is going to be hard work. They take trust, commitment, and honesty to be successful. But how do you know if this relationship is worth fighting for?

 I suppose some of us struggle with friendships, because as women, we are natural born nurturers. We are loving, patient, and compassionate. Our strengths can also be our weaknesses, and because of that we may not be able to accurately judge the difference between trials and tribulations verses a situation that’s borderline toxic.

Time and loyalty also play a major role in friendships. Knowing someone for a long time, can make you feel obligated to deal with their toxic behavior, and you even begin to make excuses for them.

Not only is this harmful for your sanity & mental health, but it’s also not healthy for your friend. You should never feel guilty for wanting to remove people out of your life who cause you pain. At times, we have to be honest with ourselves, and realize when it’s time to move on from people we love that are holding us back from our full potential.

Some of you may ask, how do you know if your friendship is a toxic? Here’s a few questions.

·      How do you feel when you are with that friend?

·      Does this person hurt your feelings constantly? Finding ways to bring you down?

·      Do you question their intentions within your friendship?

·      Are you constantly making excuses for their behavior?

·      Do you even like the type of person you are friends with?

These questions may seem self-explanatory, but some of us don’t realize the harsh reality of how exhausting some of our true relationships are.

Now its your turn to look in the mirror. Ask yourself a different set of questions.

Do I always revert my friend’s venting session or storytelling back to me? “Oh yeah, that happened to me” kinda friend vs simply listening to listen & not to respond

Are you genuinely happy when your friend wins even if you’re still losing?

You could very well be the toxic friend in the equation, and be completely unaware. If you are, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Acknowledging is always the first step of growth.

We all, eventually, enter new seasons of life, and removing toxic people is part of the process.

Ladies, we should always strive to be positive, motivating, and honest friends who know how to take ownership of our faults. Surround yourself with people who see the value in your friendship and not those who just take advantage.

I encourage you all to evaluate yourself first, then friendships you hold dear…there may be some major adjustments to be made sis.

New Summer Slime Hair Trend

We stan for ending the summer with a bang! All of our instagram favs are on the slime wave, sporting their trendy lime green hair.


SZA seemed to kick it off after Young Thug dropped his most recent album “Slime Language.” His long term girl friend, Karlae made her rapping debut on the album with her song “U Ain't Slime Enough.” Our Ctrl Queen made her caption one of Karlae's killer lyrics, “Dees bitches ain’t slime enuff.” We love clever captions that also bring about black girls supporting each other & leveling up. Soon after, the wave took off with dope celebrities, make up artists, models, visual designers, and more following up…



Note some of these pictures are "flashbacks" they reposted in honor of slime season



"The fashion industry would never survive without us."

Black people are style. 

P.S These are some of Good Girls FAVORITE people to follow, so don't skip over those @ names...we just dropped free gems.